Rug Care

  1. If your rug will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic, you should rotate your rug at least once a year for even and balanced wear.
  2. Don't expose your rug to direct sunlight as the colours may fade.
  3. Vacuum your rug regularly. Do not wait until it gets dirty. Dust and soil can damage the fibre of your rug resulting in shorter life. Acrylic and polypropylene rugs can be vacuumed on high setting. Consider using a lower suction setting on your vacuum cleaner for natural fibre rugs such as wool.
  4. With spils act quickly before they set in, or are absorbed or dried.  Scoop us the spill as much as you can and then use dry cloths, or paper towel to blotter and absorb the liquid as much as you can.
  5. Apply warm water to the stain and then blot again until the stain is removed. You may mix laundry detergent with warm water and apply it to the stain if necessary. Use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to blot the area well. You may use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner to dry the washed area.  Do not over use hair dryer.
  6. If the stain is solid (chewing gum, wax) freeze it using ice, then use a spoon to remove it followed by warm water and a little detergent.

Stain removal tips

Stain Cleaning Treatment
Chewing gum Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, warm water & detergent
Wine Talcum powder then warm water & detergent
Alcohol Warm water & detergent
Makeup Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent
Urine Warm water & detergent then white vinegar & water (1:3)
Blood Warm water & detergent
Vomit Warm water & detergent then dry cleaning
Wax Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, dry cleaning solvent then water & detergent
Asphalt Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent
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